We haven't had some Angry Birds news on Pocket-lint for, ooo, almost a day now, so we were pretty excited when another fan-created Lego collection of the critters was spotted in the wild.

Lego-enthusiast Tsang Yiu Keung made the collection of birds and their swine-like counterparts, posted it onto his Facebook page and, er, that's it really. However, these all look incredibly professional and are worthy for any Angry Birds hall of fame.

Of course, they're not the first set of Angry Birds made from toy bricks, as Flickr user Stephene Griffin crafted a fine set back in December (just before Christmas) and he did attempt to create a couple of pigs to go along with the scene.

Our favourite amateur Angry Birds creation though, still has to be the birthday cake made by Anya Richardson, which we reported on back in November. It'll take a monumental effort to beat her amazing cake art.

Nonetheless, now that Lego is fair game, at least anybody can give it a go...

There are even more pics to be found on Tsang Yiu Keung's Facebook page.

Have you seen an amazing Angry Birds fan creation? If so, let us know about it in the comments below...