You may have noticed that we at Pocket-lint are fans of all things Lego. We wouldn't go as far as to describe it as a fetish (as one reader once did), but we'd agree that we are dead-keen.

And we're also massive fans of the Nintendo Wii. Sure, you could label the console as the "family" choice but you'd be a fool to argue that Super Mario Galaxy, Twilight Princess and Metroid Prime 3 are not epic titles.

So, this Lego Wii mash up is a match made in Pocket-lint heaven.

Our only quibble is that you don't get to actually build your Wii remote from scratch - but you can build upon it with the spaces reserved for your Lego brick collection.

Would it be foolish to attach the Lego remote to a large-scale Millennium Falcon model that we've previously knocked up? Yeah, it might be a bit difficult to use - but it would certainly look cool.

The Lego Wii Remote will be available Stateside this month with a RRP of $40. We'll let you know if we hear anything regarding a UK release.