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(Pocket-lint) - Konami has announced details of what gamers can expect from its latest edition of PES later in the year, as it continues its fight against EA's Fifa series.

Although not expected to hit a console near you anytime soon the games' publisher has said that the forthcoming 2010 title "will benefit from the most exhaustive raft of new features in the series’ history" promising every aspect of the game will benefit from key improvements.

According to Konami PES 2010 will focus on being a real football simulation, "as it requires both strategic play and quick reactions, as in real life".

The news is likely to be welcomed by PES fans giving them more ammunition against Fifa fans.

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Goalkeepers will be more versatile, while referees have also been reworked, with smarter AI elements allowing them to make more balanced calls during matches.

Elsewhere graphics and sound are getting an overhaul with crowd reactions to the on-field actions promised to be more varied, with all new chants and cheers. Likewise, the commentary, say Konami, has been altered to offer a fresher, more concise overview of the game.

New game options include an Enhanced Master League with a greater emphasis on managerial aspects

In game, midfielders and defenders now work together to cover open space and close down attacks, while players can also now move several players once, sending them into different areas, opening up more goal-scoring possibilities than ever before.

In previous PES games, the team formation has determined the movements of the players. PES 2010 introduces a new system wherein the individual attacking and defending nature of the players is integral to the way they play.

According to Konami each player enjoys unique AI tied into their best abilities, and is reflected in the actions of their team mates – i.e. if a player who is known to be a good crosser of the ball is in possession, more players will flood the penalty area to receive it.

PES 2010 will be released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC-DVD, PSP, PlayStation 2 and mobile phones in the autumn.

Writing by Stuart Miles.