Konami is reportedly preparing to bring the gory movie franchise Saw to the gaming world, after penning a deal with film studio Lionsgate.

The game is apparently set to be released alongside the sixth instalment in the film series, due out this October.

The Saw movies began back in 2004, and were known for their high levels of gratuitous violence and scenes of torture.

It's not yet known how the storyline for the game will play out, but if it stays true to form, it will be interesting to see what the BBFC make of it.

Manhunt was recently passed for release by the board having been previously refused for its high levels of violence .

Having said that, the controversial Madworld that follows a chain-wielding protagonist was passed with no cuts to content, so there is a chance for the Saw franchise to push the boundaries of good taste, at least a little.

The game will reportedly feature voice acting from the series antagonist Jigsaw, played by Tobin Bell. More details on this when we get it.