Konami has set up a teaser website for the next Metal Gear Solid outing that certainly more than hints at an Xbox debut for the once PS3-exclusive game.

The image shown on the website is that of an upside down exclamation mark, a plus symbol, a regular exclamation mark, an equals sign, and then what looks very much like an Xbox 360 power button.

The words underneath the graphic read "A Next Metal Gear Is..."

The colour scheme of black and green also pushes towards the Xbox 360 idea. Microsoft has never been shy at saying it would love to get on board with Metal Gear Solid, which is no surprise considering it's one of Sony's last great exclusives.

A Konami PR admitted in October that Metal Gear Solid on the 360 was something they were "looking into" due to "worldwide demand" for the game on the Microsoft console.

So could it be so? We'll have to wait for a more official announcement to be sure, but it's certainly worth getting a little excited about. We'll be sure to get the news to you as soon as we hear it.