Metal Gear Solid 4 has sold 4.33 million copies around the world.

It's a figure that Konami should be happy with - the sales of the PS3 exclusive made up 38% of Konami games sold between April and September this year.

By contrast, only 1% of Konami games sold on PS3 during the same period the year before.

Any Xbox fans still holding out hope that they'll see a port of the game on to the Microsoft console, it certainly seems less and less possible. The game's creator Hideo Kojima has stood by his statement that we will not see an Xbox 360 version, despite Microsoft itself publicly backing the idea.

MGS4 is the last game of the series that will be run under the leadership of Kojima, but he has said more games will appear under the supervision of younger members of the team. Perhaps they'll port future games over.