After the much-awaited release of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Konami have announced a free downloadable encyclopedia to act as a complement to the long-running Metal Gear Solid series.

The Metal Gear Solid 4 Database is a comprehensive archive detailing characters, weapons and plot elements from 1987’s original Metal Gear title right through to the most recent installment.

The system allows users to search via three central hubs: Gene (a glossary), Meme (which maps the relationships between characters in the series), and Scene (a timeline for the series). Users can jump from page to page using specific keywords, with the relevant information appearing instantly.

Those in the middle of play MGS4 need not worry about finding out spoilers thought. All information relating to the current game can only be accessed when the software detects a save data file created when the game has been completed.

The encyclopedia will be available for download from the PlayStation Store from June 26th.