Konami must be in the summer spirit, as it has just announced it will be re-issuing lads-favourite Pro Evo Soccer 2008 as a budget release.

The price drops will be seen on both the Xbox 360 version, which will retail at £24.99, and the PlayStation 2 version, which will retail at £19.99.

Originally released in October 2007, the game is now being re-issued, so any newcomers can now see what all the fuss was about.

Pick your favourite from a wide range of licensed teams, including a line-up of instantly recognisable players that perform and move identically to their real-life counterparts.

Play against your mates or online - the AI programming Teamvision will learn new ways to build attacks and to counter specific movements through repeat play. So, the more you play it (and believe us, it's addictive), the better it gets - literally.

PES 2008 will be reissued for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2 on 16 May - just in time for the end of the football season. With this to see you through the summer, you probably won't even notice it's gone.