Reebok has announced it has struck a deal with Konami to brand Pro Evolution Soccer 6 in one of the biggest pan-European in-game advertising deals to date.

The deal was brokered by New Street Media and will mean that the Reebok brand is discreetly placed throughout the game. Players will wear Reebok boots and play with Reebok balls, while pitch side hoardings and special training areas will feature the name.

Canon have also struck a deal through New Street Media for discreet branding, so that hoardings will feature the Canon logo, and the Canon EOS 350D logo will appear in the corner of the screen whenever a gamer opts for the replay function.

“Maintaining sensitivity to gamers' needs is key whilst exploiting these new marketing techniques – we needed to ensure the advertising was true to the game content and added to its realism”, said Maryam Bazargan, Managing Director of New Street Media. “It's important not just to place brands within a game, but to follow the partnership through to offline co-marketing and joint events, which is what we've been working on with Reebok throughout Europe.”