(Pocket-lint) - A few weeks ago we brought you a BBC documentary that detailed the creation of a fully cybernetic arm, designed by Konami and based around the one worn by Snake in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain.

That garnered a lot of attention, because not only did the arm work for an amputee, it really looked the part.

It seems though, Konami isn't the only games company building bionics for people who have lost or were born without limbs, Square Enix is too.

Its latest game in the Deus Ex series, Deus Ex: Manking Divided, is coming out on 23 August for PS4, Xbox One and PC and like former titles in the series features human characters heavily laden with cybernetics. It inspired the publisher to explore the possibility of building a working prosthetic arm in the style of the one worn by Adam Jensen in the game.

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Square Enix partnered with Intel, Razer and Open Bionics, a British company that specialises in developing robotic limbs. and even by the 3D printed prototype, they are both well on the way to create an excellent replacement arm. What's more, the latter company is making all of its progress open source, so others can 3D print every element and build their own arms too.

The end goal is to make something much similar to Jensen's Deus Ex equivalent, with a shiny chrome finish, but even the model sported by the one-handed Dan Melville in the video below is impressive stuff. What's more, it could be made on a budget.

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So check out the Deus Ex Augmented Future video and we're sure you can't fail to be impressed, like us.

Writing by Rik Henderson.