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(Pocket-lint) - We knew that Pro Evolution Soccer 3D for the 3DS would be coming in the "launch window", but now we know exactly when it'll be kicking-off; 25 March, the same date the 3DS itself lands.

"PES 2011 3D has been selected as one of the launch titles for the new Nintendo 3DS handheld gaming platform," read the official gumph. 

"The new game retains the Pro Evolution Soccer series’ acclaimed level of control and realism, but the 3D imaging capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS enhance the experience by giving real depth to its many searching passes, long crosses, and interplay of passes."

Pocket-lint played a demo of the title over at the European 3DS launch in Amsterdam last month (and convincingly beat Real Madrid 3-0, by the way) and we were mightily impressed with the new camera angle that has been created especially for the 3D experience.

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PES 2011 3D allows Nintendo 3DS gamers to go head-to-head over two consoles (and two games) and also makes use of the Nintendo 3DS‘ Street Pass mode for Master League team match ups.

It's out on 25 March, prices yet to be confirmed although a quick browse online shows it as available to pre-order from around £30ish.

It's in the game. Oh no, sorry - wrong franchise.

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