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(Pocket-lint) - If you're looking to build an augmented reality (AR) game on a mobile platform, there's one name that really sticks out in terms of expertise - Niantic. The developer behind the global smash-hit Pokémon Go has more than one other AR game still doing huge numbers in terms of users.

That's doubtless why it's landed another big brand partnership, this time with Hasbro, and is working on a new Transformers game subtitled Heavy Metal.

The template looks like a familiar one - players will walk around the real world using their phones to interact with the game world, having joined a group called the Guardian Network, and fight against nefarious Decepticon robots.

Battling will be turn-based and can be done solo or in cooperation with friends, and it all looks pretty similar to Pokémon Go, which is no bad thing given how enduringly popular that formula has proven.

The game will initially launch in Japan, but Niantic says it's aiming at a global launch later this year. Interested players can pre-register to find out more about the game when it gets closer to launching in their part of the world by visiting the official website, here.

Until it does launch, or Niantic releases some footage of the game in motion, that's all we can really know.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.