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(Pocket-lint) - Google appears to be developing a way for Stadia TV users to game through their phones, rather than the platform's gamepad.

As detailed in a breakdown of the APK for Stadia's 3.15 update from 9to5Google, a dormant feature named "Bridge Mode" could allow users gaming on a TV to use a phone's display to act as the controller.

As it stands, Stadia users are only able to game through Chromecast Ultra when using the official controller, despite Chrome and Android versions of the platform allowing players to use controllers from the likes of Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony.

The workaround may also allow users to connect another pad to the phone in order to play Stadia on a TV, though, at this stage, it's not clear whether third-party devices would have to be plugged in via USB or connect over Bluetooth. 

Given that the Stadia Controller has been the only option for users gaming on a TV since its release back in 2019, it wouldn't be entirely surprising for Bridge Mode to receive a rollout soon.

And, in truth, the controller has been a bit of a headache for Google from the beginning. Initially, players weren't able to use it wirelessly unless gaming via the Chromecast Ultra, then delays with USB-C audio hampered the platform. Bluetooth audio, as well, has yet to emerge. 

Naturally, Bridge Mode wasn't the only thing uncovered in the latest Stadia APK, either, with 9to5Google also indicating that Google is also considering integrating contacts into Stadia. It appears the feature would allow those who have your phone number or email address saved in their Google Contacts list to add you as a friend. 

An accessibility feature also appears to be in the works, seemingly allowing users to toggle the Stadia screen reader on or off by pressing the 'start' and 'up' buttons on the controller. 

Of course, while it is likely we see these features roll out sooner rather than later, it's important to note that nothing is actually confirmed just yet. For those eager to use Stadia on their TV without having to shell out for the Stadia Controller, though, we'll update this story if or when more information becomes available.

Writing by Conor Allison.