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(Pocket-lint) - Android TV devices now have the ability to stream Google Stadia games in 4K HDR.

As part of an app update, some Android TVs and external devices have gained Stadia video options on a par with the Chromecast Ultra.

This makes sense considering the next Google Chromecast (Sabrina) is highly rumoured to run on Android TV rather than its own software.

Google's Stadia cloud gaming platform isn't officially available on all Android TV devices right now (apart from a couple of those that have been approved) but if you sideload the application, it will work.

Alternatively, we fully expect a full, authorised Stadia app for many more devices very soon.

SlashGear reports that, once the Stadia application is updated, Android TV owners can switch on 4K HDR through the app's "performance" settings.

Expanding Stadia support is the vital next step for Google, considering that its games library is now of a sufficient level to make it a viable proposition. It also faces a lot of competition, with Microsoft's xCloud service launching in full from 15 September.

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Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 11 August 2020.