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(Pocket-lint) - At the height of the current global pandemic, Google gave away two-months of Stadia Pro for free, enabling anyone who signed up for Stadia to play in the best resolutions possible for the period, plus several free games. However, the deadline to sign up for a couple of months of free membership is now passed.

The good news though is that you can still get one-month of free Stadia Pro to trial the service. After that month, you have the choice to pay for Pro or revert to standard Stadia membership, which is locked at 1080p with stereo sound and you'll not have access to the monthly free games available on Pro.

Google's Stadia cloud gaming service has greatly expanded since launch at the tail end of 2019. Games are released on the platform regularly and there is a decent selection available from the store.

It has also improved in terms of features, with the latest being the ability to stream in up to 1440p on a Chrome browser (if your TV/monitor is capable).

There are also rumours that the service could launch on Android TV soon - perhaps in time for the release of the new Google Chromecast-style device, codenamed Sabrina.

That will open up the service to more devices and smart TVs running the Android TV software.

And, if features found in a recent APK teardown end up being adopted, we should also see Stadia become playable on more phones than those currently listed here.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.