(Pocket-lint) - Google will soon expand Stadia cloud gaming platform support to more phones, according to code strings found in the latest version of the Android app.

In addition, it could add touch controls and several other new features.

At present, Stadia is limited to Google's own Pixel handsets, plus handsets from Asus, OnePlus, Razer and Samsung. You can find the whole list here.

During an APK breakdown of the Stadia for Android v2.19 app, 9to5Google found references to "non-certified phones", with Google allegedly adding a form of support for non-listed devices that could run the services but at the owner's discretion:

"Modal body text describing the user’s current phone not being supported by Stadia for gameplay, but telling them they can opt into a setting with some risk to game playback performance," reads the description ahead of the code string.

Apparently, the option will appear in a new "Experiments" section of the app.

Touch controls were also found in the APK breakdown. It contains the lines:

"This button text appears in an in-game notification, providing user the option to play the game via on-screen buttons. Character limit is 25.

"Try touch gamepad."

Currently, the only way to use touch controls with Stadia is through the third-party add-on, TouchStadia. While they work well, we found them pointless on most games as your fingers get in the way of the action. Maybe Google's idea is to support touch for less control intensive games - such as puzzlers or point-and-click adventures.

Other features found in the APK include "Party Chat" functionality, references to trials demos and free weekends, plus different sales periods when Google plans to offer discounted games. These include a summer sale, back to school sale and Black Friday.

Writing by Rik Henderson.