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(Pocket-lint) - While it may not have launched with everything owners and the community wanted, Google's Stadia is gradually expanding its featureset.

The latest addition to hit the cloud gaming service is its achievement system.

Like on consoles, such as Xbox One and PS4, Stadia games will now reward players for reaching certain milestones - some normal, some more obscure.

Achievements will also be rewarded on games you have already been playing, with retrospective goals appearing on players' accounts too.

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As tweeted by Google, notifications will pop up when achievements have been awarded, appearing when playing on desktop/laptop through a Chrome browser or on Chromecast Ultra.

Mobile app users will have to wait until 2020 for achievements to appear on their devices.

Stadia has has a rocky launch, with some games not streaming in the promised 4K HDR for Ultra users, but as well as drip feed features, Google is expanding its games list and even putting many of the recent titles on sale.

Borderlands 3 has launched on the platform with a healthy discount, for example, and Stream Connect arrived with the release of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.

Perhaps more important is compatibility with other Chromecast Ultra devices, other than the one that comes with the Founders or Premiere editions. That enables use in more than one room without having to take your dongle with you.

Writing by Rik Henderson.