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(Pocket-lint) - If you bought the Stadia Founders or Premiere Editions, you will have received a brand-new Chromecast Ultra as part of the package. But, those who already had an Ultra in another room will have found that the cloud gaming service didn't work on that one.

You basically couldn't play in a separate room without unplugging your included Chromecast Ultra and moving it. Until now.

Google has pushed a software update to all Chromecast Ultra devices that now enable them to support Stadia. Hurrah!

You still can't play Stadia games on a standard Google Chromecast, but it's a start.

The update also enables those who have received Buddy Passes from Stadia Pro members to play games on a TV. They will still need to buy a Stadia Controller, but can now play on an existing or shop-bought Chromecast Ultra.

Until today, they've only been able to play on Pixel phones.

There is still no news on when Stadia Base membership will become available, or the ability to sign up for Stadia Pro without having pre-ordered or bought one of the starter kits. We'll let you know when either launches.

Also available now is Stream Connect - the ability to see the screens of multiplayer teammates as picture-in-picture displays on your own feed. That launched with Ghost Recon: Breakpoint yesterday.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.