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(Pocket-lint) - Google has rolled out one of the promised features for Stadia: Google Assistant support.

However, it is not yet fully featured and restricted to just the homescreen for now.

Some Assistant voice control is possible as part of an early access release. Stadia owners with a Chromecast Ultra can enable the feature in the Stadia app for iOS or Android and then tap the dedicated button on the controller.

That will allow a user to start games with voice commands, such as "play Destiny 2". It is also possible to bring up search results and other Assistant information, including the latest weather report, on the homescreen.

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In future, Google will add the ability to use Assistant when playing a game, but that is not yet available.

There are also plans to introduce it to mobile play and through a Chrome browser.

Stadia has had its fair share of criticism since launch, some justified, some less so. It was found, for example, that games were not natively running in 4K for Pro members as previously promised, but locked to lower resolutions chosen by their individual developers.

However, the early access push for Assistant support shows that Google is rapidly addressing early concerns.

Writing by Rik Henderson.