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(Pocket-lint) - Google has confirmed it will be introducing its own game subscription service for mobile to rival Apple Arcade. And, it is "coming soon".

Details on Google Play Pass were leaked at the beginning of August, with screenshots of an alleged beta test version of the service posted online.

Now it is official, with Google tweeting a teaser.

The timing of the tweet is no accident. Apple will be hosting its September "Special Event" today, Tuesday 10 September, where it will reveal more information on its own Apple Arcade service alongside the launch of its latest iPhones. It might even launch the game membership scheme fully during the keynote.

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Google clearly wants a piece of that action too.

Like Apple Arcade, Google Play Pass is expected to offer a large library of games ready to download and play for one monthly fee.

Where Play Pass is thought to differ, however, is that Apple Arcade will host many exclusive titles made just for the service. Plus, Play Pass will also offer non-gaming apps.

It is worth noting that Google Play Pass has nothing to do with the company's cloud gaming service soon to launch: Stadia.

According to former leaks, the price for Google Play Pass is said to be $4.99 per month (in the US). The same is rumoured for Apple Arcade.

Let the subscription wars begin.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 10 September 2019.