Google will stream its very first Stadia Connect presentation today to show off its forthcoming cloud gaming platform ahead of a further appearance at E3 2019.

Stadia was first unveiled at the Game Developer Conference (GDC) back in March 2019. But, this follow-up presentation will reveal pricing, games and more details.

Find out when it starts, how to watch it and what more to expect.

When does the Stadia Connect stream start?

With Google being based out of the Bay Area on the US West Coast, the show will kick off at 9am San Francisco time. Which is good news for those watching in the rest of the States and Europe.

Here are the local times for you to put in your diary:

  • UK: 5pm BST
  • Central Europe: 6pm CEST
  • East Coast US: 12pm EDT
  • West Coast US: 9am PDT
  • Japan: 1am +1 (June 7) JST

How to watch the first Stadia Connect presentation

We don't know how long the presentation will last, but there's likely to be a lot of details and games trailers to get through. You can watch it live via the YouTube video at the top of this very page.

What to expect from Google Stadia launch

Google has confirmed we will learn "news, including pricing, games, and launch details". Which is pretty exciting stuff.

As Stadia is effectively the company's "Netflix of games" - with games hosted on remote servers and video streamed to connected devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers and TVs - we don't yet know which games to expect, or whether there will be any exclusives.

However, a Project Stream trial was run in partnership with Ubisoft - beta testers were able to play the full version of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, even up to 4K resolution if their bandwidth was good enough - so we anticipate a strong partnership there for starters. There have also been rumours that Bungie will make Destiny 2 available on the system.

After all, Google has to be able to stand up to PlayStation and Xbox. And with E3 just around the corner, this is the company's big push to try and divert attention away from the world's largest videogames show.

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