If you haven't heard yet, Google plans to get into cloud gaming. And the latest evidence of that comes in the form of a tweet from the company.

Google has posted a teaser for its Game Developers Conference event, which is set for next week. The teaser asks people to gather around as it unveils its "vision for the future of gaming".

The company announced the event last month. Its new teaser is just, well, teasing what we can expect. It includes a video of a series of hallways, paths, or tunnels that all seem to based on the theme of gaming.

It doesn't provide any specific hints, unfortunately. But, based on past leaks and rumors, we know a cloud-based, game-streaming service is expected, and possibly some hardware, such as a controller. Google's cloud gaming platform is currently known as Project Yeti and thought to make use of the experiences learned from its Project Stream trials from late 2018. The service will likely appear on multiple devices.

Add it all up, and Google's GDC 2019 keynote is looking pretty interesting. It will take place on 19 March at 10am PT (1pm ET). For more about cloud gaming, see our guide here. For more about Google Project Yeti, see our other guide here.