Google is hosting an event during the Games Developers Conference in San Francisco next week, where it is heavily tipped to unveil its much-rumoured Project Yeti games platform.

It is not yet fully known whether Yeti will be a streaming service only, based on its successful Project Stream tests at the end of last year, or if Google will also release a dedicated console unit. Either way, it does seem the company has plans for a branded controller to work with its "Netflix of games".

A patent has appeared on the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website, detailing games controller tech that could be part of the Yeti set-up.

It features a rudimentary design of the controller in the patent, which lead to an unofficial mock-up concept that appeared online over the weekend.

Google / USPTO

Strangely, this then resulted in the games industry crying out "fake" at Twitter postings of the concept render. Of course it is. It's a concept render based on a patent filed in 2018 by Google. It is merely a (very good) visualisation created by a fan from details and sketches in the patent - something that is commonplace with mobile phones. It's not to be taken as gospel, but at least gives you an idea of what Google has up its sleeve.

Take it at face value and you'll be fine.

More interesting are the features proposed by Google. The controller will, according to the recently published patent, notify the holder when there are chat requests, new games available and other changes to the platform.

This suggests that the controller itself might be the only hardware released by Google and that the Yeti cloud gaming platform would work with other, existing devices - such as Chromecast, Android TV boxes or released as TV apps themselve.

Let's not forget that Google bought Green Throttle Games five years ago, which used the exact same concept: an online gaming platform (on Android at that time) that linked with a dedicated Bluetooth games controller.

We'll find out for sure on 19 March, during Google's "Gather Around" GDC 2019 event.