(Pocket-lint) - Google is reportedly working on its own cloud-gaming platform, called Yeti, and an all-new games console to go with it.

The Information claims that Yeti will be a subscription-based streaming service, although we're not yet sure whether the games will be PC versions or streamed Android gaming titles, like you can get through rival cloud gaming platform Hatch.

Apparently, Yeti has been in development for a couple of years at least, although Google purchased Android gaming company Green Throttle Games in 2014, so that might have been part of even earlier plans.

Cloud gaming is available elsewhere, with Nvidia offering Nvidia GeForce Now on its Shield TV box and tablet devices. Sony also offers PlayStation Now on its consoles, and there are other platforms available around the globe.

It hasn't been hugely successful to date, however, with some, such as OnLive, struggling to acquire significant amount of subscribers. Indeed, OnLive went bust and its own hardware left defunct.

Will a Google "Netflix of gaming" manage to work where others have failed? It could lie in the company's own games console hardware. It will allegedly be a "Made by Google" product and connect via the Internet to Google cloud servers.

This is all just speculation for now, but with the Games Developers Conference on the horizon - starting 19 March - we might find out much more in the next month.

Writing by Rik Henderson.