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(Pocket-lint) - Fortnite's worked hard in the last couple of years to secure a spot as not just a gaming destination, but also one that plays host to big cultural events. It's hosted movie festivals and major shows from big acts like Travis Scott.

Now, it's taking another step and holding a full-on music festival, the Rift Tour from 6-8 August 2021. It's going to be a series of shows that players can log on to enjoy, and the headliner has just been announced - international superstar Ariana Grande.

We know that Grande will be appearing as part of the festival, although we don't know whether that means she's doing a full set, or even what a full set would look like. Still, it's exciting stuff and promises to introduce a whole new swathe of fans to Fortnite.

How to watch the Rift Tour and Ariana Grande

What we do know, though, is the timing of the five shows that Epic is putting on for the Rift Tour. You can catch them in-game in the following time-slots, so get them in your calendars with reminders set!

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  • Show 1 - Friday, 6 August: 11PM BST, 6PM ET
  • Show 2 - Saturday, 7 August:  7PM BST, 2PM ET
  • Show 3 - Sunday, 8 August: 5AM BST, 12AM ET
  • Show 4 - Sunday, 8 August:  2PM BST, 10AM ET
  • Show 5 - Sunday, 8 August: 11PM BST, 6PM ET

Based on how Fortnite has held events before, we'd say this is the same event with multiple slots to check it out, so that you don't miss out if you're already booked to do something else during the earlier slots. That means you've got five chances to see Ariana Grande strut her stuff in the game.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 2 August 2021.