EA has confirmed that it plans to release a fourth instalment of its Command and Conquer series of games next year.

Titled, Command & Conquer 4 (see what they did there?), the Real Time Strategy (RTS) game will see you once again pick up the reins of the Brotherhood of Nod or the Global Defence Initiative, 15 years after the first game rolled out on PC.

Shipping in 2010, Command & Conquer 4 will introduce a multitude of innovations to the game, says EA, bringing with it class-based gameplay, mobile bases and persistent player progression throughout all game modes.

For those keen and excited, the story of Command & Conquer 4 supposedly takes place after the events of Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars and sees Kane (isn't he dead already?) back in action trying to take over the GDI.

In addition to the two campaigns on the epic battles of GDI and Nod, which players will get to conquer alone or in a cooperative mode, Command & Conquer 4 will also feature a new 5 vs 5 objective-based multiplayer mode, promoting teamwork and cooperation and delivering a social real-time-strategy experience never seen before in a Command & Conquer game.