EA Sports may soon drop physical discs as a way of selling its PC games, the company's president has revealed.

Similar to how digital music is overtaking CDs, in a recent interview with Edge, Peter Moore hinted strongly at the possibility of discs being ditched in favour of online distribution.

Moore said: "We've got to find the right business model for us going forward. We really want to keep sports an important part of the portfolio that's available to PC gamers, but the business model right now, shipping a physical disc for the PC, simply isn't working for us".

The ex-Xbox boss continued: "I've got to find innovative ways to bring our content to life on the PC and online is the way that that’s going to happen".

Despite his candid approach to the current situation, Moore gave no hints as to what might be to come, saying "we haven't necessarily announced a lot of online things because we keep them under wraps until we're ready" - but we'll keep you posted.