EA has announced Fifa 09 Ultimate Team, a new downloadable game mode for Fifa 09.

Available for both PS3 and Xbox 360, Fifa 09 Ultimate Team will challenge gamers to develop a dream team made up of the most talented players in the world, and compete online against others.

You'll have to collect bronze, silver and gold virtual cards, including Player, Staff, Contract, Formations, and Tactics, to create your fantasy team. This can be done both online and offline, earning more valuable cards the better you do.

Once you've collected your dream line-up, it is then down to selecting and trading for the right manager, and choosing tactics and formations that will be successful.

You can also create yourself within the game, and customise everything from the players and stadiums, to the kits and badges.

Fifa 09 Ultimate Team is available now as a download to Fifa 09 for 800 Microsoft points or £7.99. You can also give it a go for free with a five game trial available to try before you buy, but remember you'll need Fifa 09 for it to work.