EA Sports has announced it will be teaming up with Toy Island to launch a line of branded sports equipment.

Apparently designed to "bring the excitement of videogame simulation outside onto the fields of play", the products will feature infrared, motion and equilibrium sensors to provide feedback and instruction on various aspects such as form, technique, speed, and power.

"Our goal is to take the EA Sports brand deeper into the fabric of sports, and into new markets that allow more people to unleash their inner spirit of sports and competition", said Peter Moore, president of EA Sports.

George Vorkas, president of Toy Island, added: "We could not be more thrilled with the opportunity to work with EA Sports on what we think is the next level of sporting goods".

"To take games that so many of us play with and make them relatable on a physical level to kids that have grown up playing EA Sports videogames, is something that we are delighted to do".

The products will be for baseball, basketball, American football, hockey and soccer and aimed at children between the ages of 3-12.

There's no more details on specific products, or when we can expect them, but we'll be sure to get them to you when they're released.