EA and Paramount Digital Entertainment have confirmed that the Godfather II video game will be on the shelves in Europe on 10 April.

The game sees players taking the role of a Don in the Corleone family, and allowing players to "carve out their own story of deception, betrayal, and conquest" in the organised crime world of the 1960s.

The story of the game will interweave with many of the key events from the film, such as the meeting of the Don’s in Cuba, blackmailing senator Geary, and the senate investigation of organised crime.

Developed at the EA Redwood Stores studio, The Godfather II is set to come to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Any players who pre-order The Godfather II will receive the added bonus of an exclusive crew member, named Tommy Cipolla, to hire into their family.

As you might expect if you've seen the film, The Godfather II has been rated 18+ by PEGI. Head over to the EA website for more information on the game.