Electronic Arts has today confirmed a 2010 release date for Mass Effect 2.

The game will apparently see a "multiple platform" release, but as yet which one they'll be hasn't been confirmed. We'd say you can safely put your money on PC and Xbox 360 though, as BioWare has already announced its plans to allow players to bring characters from the first game over to the sequel via their savegames.

Of course, expanding the game to PS3 or Wii is certainly not out of the question, or even the DS - since BioWare has previously shown interest in developing a Mass Effect DS game.

This news was announced during the conference call regarding EA's less-than-brilliant Q3 financial performance. During this time, John Riccitiello took the chance to share some more happy news announcements, no doubt in an attempt to take some attention away from all the doom and gloom of posting its results.

He confirmed that Dead Space would be making a port to Nintendo Wii in the future, but did not give any time scale, and also confirmed rumours about a new Battlefield: Bad Company game for consoles.

Developed by Dice, the game is apparently set to be a console-exclusive direct sequel to the first Bad Company game, and will also be ready for a 2010 release.

More information on all this news when we get it.