EA has announced it is to launch the sixth addition to the Littlest Pet Shop gaming line-up in March 2009.

Aimed at girls between 6-10 years old, Littlest Pet Shop Spring will be the fourth DS release in the series. The game features a spring environment for players to explore, all-new playsets, four new mini-games as well as six new pets.

Accessory choice has also expanded, with the addition of 20 new accessories, players will now have over 100 hats, glasses and scarves to choose for their pet.

Mark Blecher, general manager of Digital Media and Gaming at Hasbro is optimistic about the series. He said: "The performance of the first wave of Littlest Pet Shop games launched in the fall was amazing and we don’t expect the momentum behind this property to slow down anytime soon”.

Expect Littlest Pet Shop Spring on shelves in March. American prices suggest an RRP of $29.99 (around £20)