Anyone who hasn't made their mind up whether to purchase the PC version of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 yet, EA has released a new demo for you to download for free to get a flavour for it.

Released in Europe on 31 October, Red Alert 3 is the latest installment in the real-time strategy series, and stars Gemma Atkinson and Tim Curry.

The single-player demo, which will need 1.8GB of your precious hard drive space to play, features the game's cinematic seven-minute opening, three tutorials and two full campaign missions - one from the Soviet campaign and one from the Allied.

It will also give gamers a chance to experience the game before the its first major content patch due later in the year. This will include the map-making WorldBuilder editor, balance fixes and a de-authorisation tool that will allow users to de-authorise previously authenticated versions of Red Alert 3 on machines they no longer wish to use.

The demo is available through the Command and Conquer website or via Gamespot, and the full game is available now for both PC and Xbox 360. A PS3 version is expected to follow next year.