EA has announced a brand new Spore patch that will give away free limbs to gamers as well as fix a few small glitches.

A total of 24 free arms and legs will be available for players to take advantage of, and are being dished out to mark the US launch of the Creepy & Cute Parts Pack today.

All you need to do to download the patch free is start up the EA Download Manager and it will do the rest. If you haven't got your hands on the Creepy & Cute Parts Pack yet, giving you access to over 100 more body parts to put creatures together with, you can also get that from the EA Store for £9.99.

Then again, if you still haven't hopped on the Spore bandwagon but fancy doing so, then buy the full Spore game from the online EA Store and you'll get the Creepy & Cute Parts Pack included as a free bundled extra. Lovely.