EA's Casual Label is set to be closed, the publisher has announced, following the departure of the label's president Kathy Vrabeck.

Casual Label will now be merged with The Sims Label, where EA believes there is "compatibility" between the two with regards to things such as marketing and dempgraphics.

EA explained in a statement: "EA has learned a lot about casual entertainment in the past two years, and found that casual gaming defies a single genre and demographic.

"With the departure of Kathy Vrabeck, EA is reorganizing to integrate casual games -- development and marketing -- into other divisions of our business."

It went on: "We are merging our Casual Studios, Hasbro partnership, and Casual marketing organization with The Sims Label to be a new Sims and Casual Label, where there is a deep compatibility in the product design, marketing and demographics."

There's no doubt that mergers always ring alarm bells of job losses. Having announced over 500 job cuts last week, it remains to be seen as to whether Casual Label staff will be affected too.