EA has made a bit of a mistake with the CD keys for Red Alert 3, printing many with 19 numbers instead of the required 20.

However, in an attempt to disguise the mess up, EA has come up with a rather fantastic solution that gives you another game to play, besides the one you've bought.

"There is currently a work-around that may allow you to bypass this issue. Since you have the first 19 characters of the code already, you can basically try guessing the last character," it says on the EA customer support site.

That's right - it's time to play guess your CD key.

"To do this, simply enter your existing code, and then for the last character, try the letters A-Z, and then the numbers 0-9. You should eventually get the right combination, and be able to play the game."

We wouldn't necessarily call this a "work-around" more than common sense, but you never know.

Red Alert 3 was released on PC last week, and entered the UK all-formats chart at number 15.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 for Xbox 360 is set for release on 14th November.