If the rumours and speculation are to be believed, E3 2009 is set to be held in June at the Los Angeles Convention Centre, and will for the first time, open its doors to the public

There are a few different reports claiming to have heard the news from various sources, but most agree the event will be held June 2-4th. There were whisperings the event would open up specifically for the public on June 5-6th, but it seems this may now not be true. That's the beauty of speculation for you.

It's thought that numbers will be capped at 40,000, which although tiny compared to the 70,000 that attended in 2005, its a big jump from the smaller E3s we have seen in the past two years - a format which hasn't impressed many.

As for where the "Big Three" platform holder stand on the idea of a consumer show, a source has said: "The [big] three positions are opposed, indifferent and mildly supportive - not going to say which is which - to adding a consumer show on the back of the media and business summit."

All the sources claim that an official E3 2009 announcement is set to be made today, but so far there's been nothing.

The Entertainment Software Association has addressed the speculation with the following statement: "There will be a 2009 E3 and we will announce the details at the appropriate time."

We'll keep you in the loop with anything we get our hands on.