After its success last year, EA is once again set to take over London's Trafalgar Square for two days inside the largest temporary structure ever erected there.

All part of the London Gaming Festival, the event will be hosted on 31st October and 1st November and will allow gaming fans to try their hand at some as yet unreleased games, such as The Sims 3, Battleforge, Mirror's Edge and Rock Band 2.

The venue will also be used for the Red Alert 3 launch on 30th October, attendees of which will include Miss Gemma Atkinson, who provided her voice for Lt Eva McKenna in the game.

The night will also see gamers from Trafalgar Square go head to head with gamers in the Red Square in Moscow, battling it out to see who is crowned victorious.

The event, called Be the One, will be packed full of other EA games-based competitions, so if you fancy your chances, head down there at the end of the month - entrance is free.