EA has teamed up with Hollywood director Zack Snyder and a signed a deal which will see Snyder develping video games.

Snyder, who directed films such as 300 and Dawn of the Dead, will develop three games, some of which may even becomes movies themselves one day.

The deal is reminiscent of EA's deal with Steven Spielberg in 2005 which also called for the creation of three games.

The EA production team in LA who collaborated with Spielberg on his game, Boom Blox for Nintendo Wii, will also work with Snyder, who will lead the creative direction of the games.

And as Hollywood and the gaming industry seem to increasingly go hand in hand, the deal also includes efforts to extend the game franchises into movies.

There was no time frame announced as for when we can expect to see these games released, but expect more news to trickle through when work begins on them.