EA is planning to release pre-configured PCs alongside its big name video game launches in an attempt to bring high-end PC gaming to consumers at a lower price.

Many off-the-shelf gaming PCs can reach into four figure prices, but EAs range is predicted to cost between $600-800 (£300-400).

Although many hardcore gamers will probably opt to build their own PC in preparation for a new game release, EA hopes to target new gamers, perhaps confused by system specs, or those who just want to pick a PC off-the-shelf that is guaranteed to run the latest game.

Other details aren't known yet, but an EA rep has said that gamers will be able to choose between various configurations, depending on the quality of gameplay they are looking for.

The first of such PCs will be launched with Crysis Warhead, the next game in the popular first person shooter series due out later in the year.

No details yet on European release dates or pricing.