Rumours are circling that EA is planning to release two new drum kits for Rock Band 2.

Apparently the first new drums will look very similar to the kit that is available now, but the drum pads will be "velocity sensitive" (so they will be able to detect how hard you hit them) and make less noise. The pedals will also be reinforced with metal, and you'll be able to buy cymbals to clip on separately.

The second kit has been licensed by drum-makers Ion and is rather fittingly called the Ion Drum kit. Information suggests it won't be cheap, but for forking out the extra, you'll get three electromagic cymbals and adjustable pads, plus what appears to be a metal frame. And just to upset your neighbours, it'll work as a standalone electronic drum kit when you're not playing the game.

All will no doubt become a lot clearer in the run up to Rock Band 2's release in the States in September (we're still waiting on a date for Europe). Whatever happens, expect the drum kits to cost a lot more here than they will in the US.