Electronic Arts has apologised for a mistake in Fifa 08, which caused a bit of an annoyance among Northern Irish gamers.

In the game, the Northern Irish football team stand to The Soldier's Song, traditionally sung at United Ireland events.

A newspaper in Northern Ireland reported that fans reacted with "surprise" to hear the anthem represent their national team in the game.

Internet forums were awash with comments about the blunder, one fan posting a shocked comment saying: "So Northern Ireland has no identity now I suppose."

EA spokesperson Shaun White has apologised for the error. He stated:

"At EA Sports, we pride ourselves on delivering rich and authentic videogame experiences. We sincerely apologise for this error."

That apology has been welcomed by Northern Ireland Sports Minister Gregory Campbell. He said: "Any apology on this matter is most welcome. Obviously there's has been a lack of knowledge on the makers' part and hopefully it will be changed as soon as possible."

Of course, being part of the UK, the official Northern Ireland national anthem is God Save Our Queen.