Despite the failure of The Sims Online, recently shut down for the last time after an attempt to rebrand it as EA-Land, it seems the bods at EA are not completely averse to giving it another go.

In a recent interview, Nancy Smith, head of EA's Sims Division, admitted that the popular PC franchise could become a multiplayer game once again.

She told the Times Online that EA "would continue to invest in more and more robust community features" for the Sims. She said that an online element to The Sims "could be of interest", EA "would definitely think about it", and that they were "constantly exploring new kinds of content and experiences".

Smith also said that The Sims would continue to be sold as a boxed game, but that EA was looking into micropayments for te future.

The Sims certainly has always made sense as an online title, and with original creator Will Wright exploring the "massively single-player" idea with new title Spore, we can see why they're rethinking The Sims' online position.