Electronic Arts has announced the first details of SimCity Creator, a game exclusively for Nintendo Wii and DS.

SimCity Creator is an open-ended, creative game that allows players to create, enjoy and destroy epic cities, using the distinctive gameplay aspects of the Wii and DS.

The most accessible and light-hearted game from the SimCity franchise, SimCity Creator will ship on 22 September 2008 in North America and on 19 September 2008 in Europe and Asia-Pacific regions.

In the Wii version, you take the position as mayor of the city, building homes, businesses, highways and railroads. You can even check out your handiwork by taking a fly in a helicopter over the city.

However, when you're bored of it and want to cause some havoc, you can create earthquakes, tornados, call in detructive robots and create fires, all with the Wii remote. Bring it down as quickly as you put it up, and start again.

However, if you're a DS owner, the story is slightly different. You will be guiding your city from ancient times in to the future with SimCity Creator.

Evolve your city through time, starting with ancient times, the middle ages, modern times, present day and the future. Four play modes are available - challenge, free play, chance encounter and gallery, giving options to make the game as challenging or as creative as you want.

SimCity Creator will be available on the Wii and Nintendo DS on 22 September in North America and on 19 September in Europe and Asia-Pacific regions.