EA has confirmed that it is working on a sequel to the popular skateboarding title, Skate, as well as a separate game in the series to be compatible with the Wii Balance Board.

While Skate 2 is in development for Xbox 360 and PS3, Skate It has been confirmed as in development, designed exclusively for the Wii and DS.

First released last year, the game stopped its rival game, Tony Hawk, in its tracks, outselling it 2:1 and forcing Activision to put the series on hold and rework it.

EA is hoping for similar success with the next instalments, and no doubt hopes the Wii Balance board compatibility will help to further boost the sales.

Wii owners will also be able to use the Wii remote to perform tricks. Both the Wii and DS versions will utilise the "FlickIt" controls made popular in previous Skate titles.

"We knew it would be an exciting challenge to bring the soul and feel of skateboarding to the Wii and Nintendo DS", said Scott Blackwood, EA’s executive producer of the Skate franchise.

"With fresh new designs and gameplay components built from scratch, we've been able to, once again, capture the true experience of skateboarding in a completely innovative way."

Skate 2 and Skate It will be released later on this year. But how will they fare against the new, reworked Tony Hawk titles? Watch this space.