Electronic Arts co-founder and chief creative officer (CCO) William "Bing" Gordon has left the publisher to join investment company Kleiner Perkins.

The EA vet, who had been with the company for 26 years, will be joining the Kleiner Perkins in June, providing expertise to entrepreneurs in consumer technologies.

However, although Gordon is moving on, he won't be cutting his ties with EA completely. He will hold the title of CCO Emeritus and according to a statement from EA, will be returning to the company to "lead periodic workshops on innovation with EA Studio leaders".

Gordon is well respected in the gaming industry as one of its big personality, old-school characters. He co-founded EA in 1982 and has for the past 10 years already served as CCO for the mega-publisher, which raked in just over $3 billion last fiscal year.

During his time at EA, Gordon also served as EVP of marketing, EVP of EA Studios and SVP of entertainment production.