If you've been eagerly awaiting the release of Spore, the new evolutionary game from Sims creator Will Wright, EA have announced today that a demo will be available this summer.

Nearly 3 months before its official release date, a free download of stand-alone game "Spore Creature Creator" will be available on the website from 17 June.

It will allow you to start crafting your creatures early, in preparation of the game’s full release in Europe on 5 September.

However, you’ll only have access to 25% of the creature-making parts available with the demo. Fork out 9.99 euros (about £7.80) for the full retail version though and you'll have free reign of the whole selection.

Any creatures made on either the demo or full version can be shared via uploads to YouTube and also imported into the full game when it is released.

"We are thrilled to finally be putting the creative tools of Spore into the hands of players around the world", said Will Wright, chief designer, Maxis.

"The amazing creations players design this summer will help populate the game universe we all enter when Spore ships this September, so in a sense, the Spore Creature Creator is the birth of Spore."