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(Pocket-lint) - EA has shown off the latest features for this year's FIFA title; FIFA 09, to Pocket-lint ahead of the launch in September as it strives to recreate the beautiful game in even more detail that ever before.

The company has revealed plans for the PC, Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3 as it prepares to entice gamers to choose it over Pro Evo.

On the PC title, the developers have added new PC-specific elements to the game including a new collision system that this year includes a strength attribute that will determine how players react dependent on their size and strength.

Specific to the PC will be a new online widget mode that if the PC is connected, online players will be able to see a home page similar to Google's personalised homepage with widgets on their own stats as well as other online players. Additionally users will be able to choose a team widget that offers news and stats from your favourite team in the real world.

Finally on the PC version, EA has added mouse controls for gamers looking to play with not just the keyboard or a gamepad.

The mouse controls will allow users pin-point attacks, pass to team mates or to space, give analogue shooting control, and send player on custom runs.

Gamers will be able to control players via a combination of keyboard and mouse (standard WASD) or for more basic play you'll be able get the player to follow your mouse movements.

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On the Nintendo Wii front, the new version, which will take the moniker FIFA 09 All-Play will feature a beginners mode as well as an advanced mode to allow gamers of all skills to be involved.

All-Play controls features pass, tackle and shoot will according to EA be "easy for casual gamers" and feature lots of on-screen support.

Advanced play controls will feature in-depth "point-and-play" control scheme similar to that seen with the mouse on the PC version and allow precision passing, skill moves, off the ball runs.

There will also be an 8 vs. 8 footy match option and the ability to import your Mii avatar so you can feature in the game alongside Wayne Rooney et al.

On the next-gen front, i.e., Xbox 360 and PS3, the main focus appears to be based on improving the realism rather than adding new game modes.

EA says there will be 250 key improvements ranging from customisation, to improving player physics and how they react to actions on screen.

Gamers will be for the first time be able to customised team tactics that let you to change 11 tactical parameters for your team that you can share, although EA warn that this really is for the hardcore FIFA gamer rather than casual gamers playing after the pub.

On the multiplayer side there will be an increase from 5 v 5 player to 10 v 10 online gameplay allowing you to play every outfield player however you won't be able to control the goalkeeper although EA say that they hope to add this feature in future versions.

We will be bringing you a First Look of the PC version shorty.

Stay tuned.

Writing by Stuart Miles.