EA has announced that The Sims has sold over 100 million copies worldwide showing that people really do want to play doll's houses all evening.

Rather than drive fast cars or kill bad guys, players use the game as a place to construct their perfect life just as they would with an old fashioned doll's house.

Useless factoids to bore your Sim friends with in the game or real life are that the best selling PC game of all time has been translated into 22 different languages (including Russian, Swedish and Thai) in 60 countries.

If that wasn't enough to impress, it has an online community that has 4.2 million unique visitors per month and the site has hosted more than 25 million downloads of custom content, most created by Sims fans themselves.

Not surprisingly given the nature of the game, 60% of Sims players are women suggesting there are 60 million bored women out there.