Hasbro is launching a new gaming console for kids on the PC that allows kids to safely challenge other gamers online without the worry of straying on the wrong site.

The new gaming system called Net Jet is due to be launched later in the year and works by plugging in a games controller to your PC via a USB port.

Once connected the system automatically launches the Net Jet system allowing gamers to load games, which look like keyrings to the system.

Hasbro has already lined up 6 games for launch including a Snowboarding title that looks like SSX from EA and a Kart Racing game for fans of Mario Kart.

Gamers will also be able to download games from the ad free online gaming site associated with the Net Jet system.

Hasbro has also said that it is planning to launch an online international scoreboard and secure online multiplayer options next year.

The console will cost £29.99 with games costing £12.99.